Steeped in reality

Steeped in reality

After Nam Anna Don, Ramesh Aravind has now appeared in a totally new avatar.

New look: Ramesh Aravind

After sporting a French beard for almost a year, Ramesh has now gone clean shaven for a role in Tunturu where he plays the role of a brother.

Ramesh has sported this look before also for several of his movies, including a few character roles, where he masquerades as a woman.

But the change this time, says Ramesh, is something that he has been looking forward to for a couple of years. “I desperately wanted a change of appearance and so this clean shaven look is a relief.

And I think this perfectly suits my character,” Ramesh tells Metrolife.

Directed by Mussanje Mahesh who directed Mussanje Mathu with Sudeep, the film Tunturu revolves around a brother and a sister story. Risheeka Singh plays the sister and Ramesh the brother.

“A lot of these brother-sister stories are shot in the villages but here the story is completely shot in a city. It has very intense scenes and the character that I play is very strong and substantial,” explains Ramesh and adds, “instead of melodramatic scenes the story is about a real brother-sister connection. What comes through is their strong bond and the extent to which a brother will go to save his sister in a crisis situation. That’s the crux of the story.” 

Ramesh points out that a serious subject has been dealt with in a mature manner.
“There are no comical situations. The character requires me to emote really well. I am sure the ordinary people will be able to connect with the story. It is steeped in reality in a lot of ways,” adds Ramesh.

A good two weeks into the shooting and Ramesh says, “I am glad about the way the movie has been shaping up. This is one subject that is very dear to me and I am looking forward to completing the project at the earliest.”