Visualising art in 3-D

Visualising art in 3-D

When experimental artist Pankaj Moghe realised that he cannot re-create nature the way God has done, he started using them in his paintings and as a result came ‘Three –Dimensional paintings’. 3-D paintings, a unique art work and brainchild of Pankaj Moghe literally stands out of the frame.

A 3-D painting by Pankaj Moghe. DH photo/author

Along with colour, the artist uses an aesthetic blend of rocks, twigs, tree barks, and flower petals in his artwork. One can see that the artist has worked on fine details giving life to his paintings.
Moghe who is now in Mangalore as part of the North-East Crafts expo tells City Herald that he is a self-taught artist and has been in the field of art for more than 20 years.

“I had a high-paid job in the corporate sector and my wife Sarita worked as a professional beautician and cosmetologist. We had everything that would make a person feel financially secure but yet we felt we lacked something. Both of us were art-lovers and we decided to opt out of our jobs and go full time into art. We both started from scratch,” says Moghe who adds that one lives life once and he is truly contended with life.

“Anyone who wants to grow in art has to experiment. Sarita and me keep on experimenting with different materials and ideas and incorporate them in our products. We come up with innovative ideas even in traditional crafts and give them a total new look,” adds Moghe.

Apart from 3-D paintings, Moghe has also created unique designs on a wooden plank. This art is called as wood appliqué. I cut out designs from wood and then paste it on a wooden plank to give a meaningful design. “Moghe shows racing horses, Japanese bridegroom and other works done in this style”.

Another eye catchy art work is Meenakari on glass. The traditional art blends well on glass and the end result is marvelous.

The Moghe couple is very famous for their tiffany stained glass work, glass etching and frosting. From attractive chandeliers to the door panel of Direct Taxes Regional Training Institute, the Moghes have left their imprints.

Silk saree painting, porcelain name-plates, air-brushing, hand painting are a few of the many artworks the couple do.

Sarita and Pankaj have lived in many parts of India and are presently staying in Bangalore. Apart from creating art, they believe they have to pass on the knowledge to people who are interested to learn art.

The couple gives art-classes to such art lovers. For details visit

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