A smooth finish

A smooth finish

Exquisite flooring invariably enhances the look of any living space. There are many types of flooring material available including mosaic, vitrified tiles or even trendy wooden floors some of which are naturally available. Among these natural varieties, stone has a huge presence, and is available in many colours and forms.

Marble is one such natural stone, which is soft and porous in nature, and needs proper care so that its lustre is maintained. Flooring material made from marble can be obtained as blocks, slabs or tiles. These products are available in a wide range of colours like white, brown, pink, green and also black.

There are two types of marble available in the market. They can both be extensively used to beautify a home. One is natural marble which is subtle and elegant. Another is engineered marble which can be used to bring about an aesthetic appeal with its consistent finish.

Natural marble is obtained directly from the quarries which are extracted in block form.

Subsequently, slabs are made out of the same and are strengthened by coating a layer of fibre on both its sides. This will give the material the required strength for its transportation and subsequent use. 

Being a natural material, it contains innumerable pores. These pores are filled with resin and polished later. The precise property of the marble cannot be generalised as it differs from one slab to another. Marble is an asset for its strength, beauty and resistance to erosion. Its smooth surface is ideal for all seasons, especially during the humid season. The surface is also anti-allergic which will be a cause of concern for carpet-covered floors.

Another variety of marble is engineered marble. As the name suggests, it is a man-made material manufactured with natural resources. 

It is a hardened material and made by proper integration of natural substances with many chemicals and the end product is harmless to the environment. It is manufactured by using natural marble dust along with polyester resin. This is comparatively less expensive than its big brother and a good alternative to natural marble. As this is machine moulded, design flexibility and finish are greater.

The utility value of both natural and engineered marble is huge.

The bathroom and kitchen are spaces in a home where marble is widely used. Laying of the same gives the place a gleaming appearance. Engineered marble tiles can also be used here as you can choose among the many colours and textures they are available in. Such floors can be extended to living rooms and the main foyer as well.

The durability and resistance to heat and dust of these floors make them very well suited for counter-tops. The use of a dining table with a marble top to suit the walls and flooring of the place gives an elegant and innovative finish to the furniture.

Engineered marble can be used innovatively as it is available in an array of finishes, colours and textures. 

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