RWH only for deadline, not for water's cause

RWH only for deadline, not for water's cause

Bangaloreans splurge on property, but hesitate to install RWH

Installing rainwater harvesting (RWH) system in buildings seems to be just another Government order for people in the City, instead of being a social responsibility. 

Although the initial deadline (December 31, 2011) to install the RWH systems evoked quick response from residents, with many booking filters with dealers/plumbers, it fizzled out once the deadline was extended to March 31, 2012. 

A dealer of rainwater filters received close to 2,000 bookings for filters during the earlier deadline, but all the bookings were cancelled once the deadline was postponed. 

“Residents, who were in a hurry to install RWH systems earlier, withdrew the bookings after the deadline was extended. They are more concerned about the deadline than about their responsibility towards water conservation,” said Vijay Raju from Rainy Filters, a dealer of RWH systems.

Now, with just a week left for the March 31 deadline to install the RWH systems in buildings, there is again a rush to book filters and hire the services of plumbers. 

“I sold close to 2,500 rainwater filters this month alone. I have been receiving over 100 calls a day for booking filters. People who call complain about discrepancies in water supply. They question as to how BWSSB can disconnect water supply for not installing RWH systems, where there is no proper supply.”

According to BWSSB records, till date 37,200 households have installed RWH systems. The number is expected to rise to substantial levels by the end of March. 

People’s approach towards water conservation should change as Bangalore is bound to face severe water crisis in future. 

People here are ready to invest in property worth Rs one crore to Rs two crore, but hesitate to make a one-time investment of Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 for an RWH system. 

“Even when a person is in the process of buying an apartment on the outskirts of the City, the buyer is only bothered about whether the apartment complex has a jacuzzi or swimming pool, but is unaware about the source of water required for these facilities. In reality, groundwater is the only source of water for many apartment complexes outside the City,” Vijay said.

BWSSB is already facing the wrath of Bangaloreans for shortage of water supply. This being the case, disconnecting water supply for not installing RWH systems may not go down with the people.