'Teaching as a performing art would be effective'

'Teaching as a performing art would be effective'

World theatre day observed at Karnataka State Open University

Teaching as a performing art can be highly effective, said Sarada Vilas D Ed College Principal Prof S H Umesh here on Tuesday. He was speaking after releasing a book written by Prof R Poornima, titled ‘sharing experience: various voices’ at Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) on the occasion of world theatre day. 

“If the teachers can be a bit of performing artists, or at least imbibe few of the characteristics of artists who convey so much through their acting, it can help transfer the knowledge much better. Skill is not the most important aspect of any field, including teaching. 

The context of teaching and the situation is of high importance. Even an artist can practise. But, it becomes art when an artist performs on stage,” he added.

“An artist undertakes inner journey when he acts on stage. Teaching, theatre, art and education should be intertwined. Even the method teaching needs a relook and so does the frame of mind of those who teach. Else, everything is a wasted effort,” he revealed.   

“Music, dance, art and other forms of expression are quite far from our schools and teaching methodology.  We have to impart these to them in small packages when they enrol for summer camps. Our educational system still looks at children as second grade citizens. This has to change and system has to coexist with children in the process of learning,” he opined. Referring to the book, Prof Umesh said information is in short supply for those who want to research on education and theatre, and hoped that book authored by Prof Poornima would fill the gap. 

KSOU vice chancellor Prof K S Rangappa presided over the event, while Prasaranga Hon Director Prof D K Rajendra delivered the keynote address. 

Registrar Prof B S Vishwanath, writer Prof R Poornima and others were present. Apravarambe troupe presented Sri Krishna Sandhana play during the day.