A blend of genres

A blend of genres


On the occasion of ‘World Francophonie Day’, which is observed on March 20 every year, a Franco-Swiss evening was held at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore recently.

Authentic French cuisine was served at the beginning of the event. This was followed by a concert, which featured a group called Vialka consisting of three members — Marylisse Frecheville, Cedric Carles and Eric Boros.

The trio combined Chinese folk songs, slow rock, Central Asian and European gypsy tunes to create a unique form of music. A unique thing about the band was that its sound unit was powered entirely by solar energy. Even though the band members looked calm and composed, the music they created was highly spirited and powerful.

An unexpectedly large crowd gathered at the event as the festival was celebrated in the City for the first time. The crowd mostly consisted of French and Bangaloreans and also without any doubt, music-lovers in general. The evening witnessed the participation of artistes from France and Switzerland too.

The music of the band had a bit of rock and using simple instruments like guitar and percussion, the three artistes managed to produce some difficult tunes with unbelievable ease and described their work as ‘very simple yet complicated’. The audience also enjoyed the melodious mixture of Asian and European tunes.

The concert was a treat for all those who like slow rock.

The audience listened to the unique tunes in awe. It was a perfect break for the music-lovers of the City as they got the chance to explore the new tunes taken from every part of the world. With its gypsy, punk, folk-rock and foot-tapping music, Vialka made for a danceable evening. The concert was supported by the Consulate General of France and Swissnex India.