A bunch of talent

A bunch of talent


They call themselves ugly, dirty and ultra-talented. Beginning at a crowded little bar called Someplace Else in Kolkata in 2006, the Supersonics has had a meteoric rise. No wonder, the band of boys dub their performances high-voltage. 

The band touts its music and compositions as utterly original. Plagiarising is a big no for them. “You have to have original stuff  to be able to pull it off,” Avinash Chordia, the lead drummer of the band, told Metrolife. He reasons that each band member is strong in a different genre and they make sure they pool all their talents to make some great music.
“We don’t want to pigeonhole our music. We employ different influences and don’t waste time fitting it into a particular genre. We would like our listeners to do that. They can fit it into any genre they like,” says Avinash and adds, “our music is also a straight-paced one with a lot of emotion and the rest is left to interpretation.” 

They write about issues that affect one’s day-to-day existence. “The strangeness of life, with all its peculiarities intrigue us and we’re inspired by just about anything that we see and hear. It becomes song for us,” says Avinash. The band members have no qualms about saying that they’ve assumed a cult status and have a dedicated audience that follow them around. Each band member has loads of talent.

Ananda Sen, half-Bengali, half-proletariat is the singer, songwriter and guitarist for the band. Rohan Ganguli is the accidental vocalist who likes to call himself a mean songwriter. Nitin Mani is on the bass and the drummer is Avinash Chordia.