'Root out hatred, spread message of humanity'

'Root out hatred, spread message of humanity'

Do not follow violent path, religious leaders appealed

The leaders representing three religions -- Hinduism, Islam and Christianity--chanted the message of love, peace and humanity for the welfare of the nation.

In the Manavatha Samavesha organised by the SSF at Town Hall on Wednesday, the religious leaders came on the same platform to called upon people to root out hatred, stay unite and spread humanity.

Speaking on the occasion, one of the main speakers Akhila Bharatha Muslim Ulama Federation General Secretary Khamarul Ulama A P Abubakar Musliyar Kanthapuram said that there are people who are believers and non-believers of religion in this country.

“What is more important is to believe in humanity. At a time when violence and chaos is caused because of religion, there is a need for all the people to wake up and walk in the right path for the sake of humanity,” he said. “Human values should be upheld and everyone should respect their fellow beings. Let us not follow violent path in response to any violence,” he said.

Another chief speaker Pejavar seer Vishwesha Theertha Swami asked the people to identify the common factors in different religion and appreciate it rather than fuming over the difference of opinions.

He requested the people from all religions to take part in the convention that began in Mangalore and which will be held in different parts of Kerala in the coming days. “Let everyone take part in the convention and spread “Vishwa Manava” message,” he said.Speaking about Ram Janma Bhoomi- Babri Masjid issue, Pejavar seer said the issue would have been solved amicably if the politicians were kept out of it.

“If the religious leaders representing both the Hindu and Muslim religions come together and discuss over the issue, it could be solved in a peaceful manner. Attempts were made earlier to solve the issue with the help of religious leaders, but it did not yield any result due to the intervention of the politicians,” he said.

Mangalore diocese Vicar General Fr Denis Prabhu said all religions spread the message of love and peace and the people should follow it.

Manavatha Samavesha which started in Mangalore will be held in 14 districts in Kerala in the coming days.

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