I have a dream...

I have a dream...


Teenage is always associated with colourful dreams and teenagers can be called dream merchants because of their unlimited ambitions.

Metrolife spoke to youngsters to find out what their dream in life is. A beautiful home, a branded car and a friendly, honest life partner were the most common answers.
 Stephie, a PUC student, is a daydreamer. She has a clear image of her future. Aiming to be a doctor, Stephie wants to own a lavish apartment in the vicinity of Indiranagar.
“Bangalore is a vibrant City, which is full of life. I can’t imagine living out of Bangalore. I would like to own an apartment near Indiranagar. A luxurious flat giving a picturesque outside view with Wi-Fi enabled premises will be my preference.

Interiors embellished with gemstones, glamourous and opulent furniture and exquisitely crafted home accessories should make it a stylish dwelling,” she says.

“Innova is my dream car. It’s spacious and comfortable. Having my friends in my
wagon, I will hit Brigade and M G Road to have fun,” she fantasises.

Arjun’s train of thoughts revolve around Basavanagudi. “I want to own a house with a classic look in Basavanagudi, anywhere near National College. I want to buy a Bentley Continental GT, a grand coupe. I am fond of its sleek design and sumptuous interiors. Romantic long drives with my partner, supposedly a fashion designer, in the cool evenings of Bangalore, and shopping at Bangalore Central is my imagery of a perfect life,” Arjun reveals.

He also wishes to allot a space for a pet in his house. “Golden Retriever, a breed known for its intelligence is the pet I cherish to have. He should be kind, friendly and confident.”
Ashita, a final year B.Com student dreams of owning a house in the outskirts of the City.
“I want to move out to be away from the bustling traffic and noise. I will find a spacious and majestic bungalow for myself, which will resemble a farm house. I also wish for a Mercedes Benz GLK and a life partner, who is a CA,” she admits. Aparna too has some distinct vision for her future. “A picturesque and elegant house, meticulously crafted according to my taste at J P Nagar is what I fantasy.”

Aparna wants to have a successful career in the advertising industry with a handsome salary. “Regardless of my income, Commercial Street will always be my idea of a shopping paradise. I am mad about the designs and patterns available in affordable prices over there.”

Swati aspires for a stunning and contemporary bungalow in Dollars Colony. A doctor husband, a labrador pet, regular holidays to hill stations and shopping at leading brand stores are some of her dreams.

As life unfolds, there may be some changes in these images. But for Gen Y, daydreaming is not just a mere fantasy. After all, it is these dreams which inspire them to work harder in life.

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