Take a tough trek test at Bandaje

Want to explore a tough, challenging trekking route? Then Bandaje in Belthangady taluk is the best place to go.

Bandaje, which is a part of the Charmady Ghat is 25 km away from Ujire.  One has to reach Kadirudyavara near Somanthadka village from where the real trekking journey will begin.

Bandaje gives an amazing trekking experience for it brings along with it the beauty and serenity of nature combined with the famous Bandaje falls which gives adrenaline rush to the trekkers.

Bandaje hill is one of the toughest trekking spot in Belthangady taluk for the difficult terrain one has to cross to go to the top of the hill. It has steep on one side and the trekkers will have to pass through the thick forest and grasslands. The trekking route literally tests the trekkers’ strength and determination, for many trekkers who plan to reach the hill top drop the idea half way through considering the long and tough route ahead.

It is almost 15 kilometre journey to reach the hill top from the basement. However, a spectacular visual treat awaits the trekkers on the mid-way. Bandaje falls, which is considered as the best water fall in Belthangady taluk is located in Bandaje hill offering relaxation to the trekking enthusiasts. In fact, several trekkers trek on Bandaje only to view the amazing beauty of Bandaje falls. It is believed that the falls is situated 700 metres above the sea level and flows as a single stream and falls from approximately 400 metres height in between the valley of the Western Ghat. It then flows as one of the tributaries of River Nethravati.

On the way to the falls, one will find a stream formed by the water generated from the waterfall. Though it is easy to cross the stream after November, one has to slog a little to cross it during the rainy season. One has to trek for four to five hours to reach the base of the waterfall.

The trekking journey will be more complicated further as one moves towards the source of Bandaje fall. Another major attraction in Bandaje is an ancient fort, Ballala Rayana Durga, which is about two hour trek from the waterfall. The fort was built by Hoysala Kings and was plundered later. At present the fort is in a dilapidated condition, nevertheless visitors throng to watch this remains of the bygone era.

For those who wish to trek till the hill top, it is always better to put up a camp and stay atop the hill in the night. The long journey to reach the hill top, does not allow the trekkers to return back and reach the base on the same day. The village guides are also available to lead the trekkers. They charge anywhere between Rs 300 to Rs 500.

The month between November to March is the best time to visit as the route will be less slippery and the waterfall too will have plenty of water.

How to reach?

Bandaje is located 25 km away from Ujire and Ujire is 65 km from Mangalore. One has to travel to Somanthadka from Ujire on Charmadi. From Somanthadka take a left diversion and travel for eight more kilo metres to reach Kadirudyavara and take a right turn to reach Valambra from where the trekking journey begins.

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