I love you butterfly.
You are my friend.
I love you butterfly.
Our friendship will never end.

Erin, First Grade, Chicago, IL

Dear Mom

Tears of happiness rolling down her cheeks
her face with a smile signifying joy.
That was the day I was born and she welcomed
 me with opened arms.
Everything was bright, both day and night;
Sunshine was as gold, noon as silver.
She pampered me, kissed me, loved me.
She was my best friend and her love towards me had no end. And there goes the saying -
‘‘All good things come to an end".
She knew everything! She spoke to me with emotions and when  I was wrong she gave me precaution.
One day she left us all alone,
stunned and scared.
When we saw the lady with graceful movements
with none any more.
And the sun was almost gone.
She saw me with a smile
when I entered the world.
And she again saw me with a smile
when she left the world.
But the times .... we spent together will always be with me
today, tomorrow and-f or ever!
I deem it a privilege to call her mom
who protected me in her womb.
She turned my thoughts into words
and words into actions, Who taught her son to live a responsible life with passion? Who loved her husband, stood with him at all times? The lady whom I love the most she is very special.....!! She is my MOM.

Pooja Singhvi

Once nature had a crow on her head

The spirit of the plants flying around me crying for justice because they want to be free the smile of nature has turned into a frown as black smoke rose like thousands of crows the ozone layer has become thinner and
thinner once nature had a crown on her head
but now, pollution is the head
people know well to make bombs but do they know how to use them? bombs and drugs are a craze to ma, but do they hear our mother nature’s wails ‘‘There’s always hope’’ says my mom But where is it hidden? Within treasures?
But fi I get all the treasures
will I get my nature back?

Tara C. Babu, VI ‘B’,
I.T.I. Central School

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