Haven't you read the newspapers

Haven't you read the newspapers

Haven't you read the newspapers

a must

If you want to know the daily news
Current affairs and people’s views
Looking for a mode which is easy to read
A newspaper is what you would need

Need some tips to improve your health
Or want some ideas to increase your wealth
Trying to buy an apartment
Also ready to pay the rent?

Want your child to get the best education
Or a hostel in case you are out of station
Like to travel to a place very far
But confused whether to travel by a bus or car

Want to read the review of a book
Or need a new recipe to cook
If sports and games interest you
Newspapers have a place for them too

Looking for a suitable job
Which would make you smile not sob
Interested in knowing the happenings of the world
Or want to improve your language word by word

For all these doubts, newspapers are the solution
Because they provide various information
If you make newspaper as your friend
Your knowledge increases, it doesn’t end.

Nimitha S Prabhu,
IX ‘B’, Kendriya Vidyalaya,