Know your fruits well

Know your fruits well

The fact that fruits are healthy and should be included in one’s daily diet is well known. But did you know that these natural delicacies should be avoided at certain times and in case of specific health conditions? If you are a fruit lover, the following are certain facts you should know.

natural snacks Certain fruits can be harmful in specific medical conditions.

All fruits are full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Preferably, they should be had fresh, raw, whole and with the peel, provided it’s been washed off all pesticides and insecticides. However, consuming them without knowing their specific qualities, and the medical conditions they should be avoided in, can be risky.

Neha Saxena, a dietician with VIMHANS, says, “Fruits are classified under two categories. First, those with high insoluble fibre and low soluble fibre like papaya, apple, guava, pear and pomegranate, and second, those with low insoluble fibre and high soluble fibre like banana, mango, litchi, grapes and chikoo. The first category of fruits are certainly better as insoluble fibre does not digest easily, keeps you fuller for a long time and hence prevents you from binging. Also, insoluble fibre absorbs fat in the body. So, the first category of fruits is excellent for those trying to lose weight.

On the other hand, the second category of fruits is not only low in insoluble fibre but also high in calories. So you cannot lose weight with them.”

Banana, mango, grape, litchi, water melon, musk melon, custard apple and chikoo are also high on sugar. So, people with diabetes should certainly keep away from them. Besides mango, which otherwise is tasty and a hence a favourite with all, has certain enzymes which are hard to digest. So it should be had in moderation.

However, one should be careful with the compatibility of one’s digestive system with apple and papaya as well, as they are high on Pectin which can cause flatulence and other digestive disorders.
Dr Mona Goel, a nutritionist and diabetes specialist at the Delhi Diabetes Research Centre further enlightens us on specific medical conditions where certain fruits should be better not taken.

“People with kidney disorders should avoid raw tomato and citrus fruits like lemon, aamla, phalsa and jamun. The reason being that kidney disorders lead to electrolyte disbalance in the body and these fruits, which are high in potassium, can worsen the condition.”

“Similarly,” she says, “One should keep away from tomato, aamla, phalsa and jamun in case of renal stones as well, as these fruits contain Oxalate which contributes to the formation of renal stones. Other than that, it is widely know that papayas are best avoided in pregnancy as it is hot in nature and can harm the foetus.”

“Fruits,” she adds, “are not harmful as such. But consume them with the right knowledge, and healthwise, they will only be more fruitful in the long run.” 

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