'I don't make the destiny of the film, my destiny'

'I don't make the destiny of the film, my destiny'

'I don't make the destiny of the film, my destiny'

Life took a new turn for him when he debuted in  Maachis. Sixteen years on, Jimmy Shergill is a known name not just in Bollywood but also Punjabi films. Metrolife caught the actor in a ca­n­did mood as Dangerous Ish­hq and Punjabi movie Taur Mittran Di hit box-office today!

He is playing a cop in Dangerous Ishhq which is more in the news as Karisma Kapoor’s come back vehicle. Does it upset him? “I want it to be talked about! More because you need promotion (these days),” says Jimmy. “Karisma has done a fabulous job sporting different looks that make this thriller brilliant.”

“Vikram and I had been wanting to do a film for years and the idea of a 3D film was all the more exciting,” but unfortunately, “when he began working on the film, I was advised complete bedrest because of an injury I had suffered prior to shooting. I was able to take up the film only after my treatment.” He adds with a sigh of relief, “Vikram waited for me and I am glad he did.” The excitement of pending work also helped the actor recover fast, “That is what work does to you.”

His cop roles have been fondly remembered from movies such as Yahaan and A Wednesday. Why has he been donning similar roles? “There are so many reasons why an actor takes up a film. I like to play characters from the armed forces. My idol though is Bhagat Singh. I have always thought of playing Bhagat Singh onscreen as his patriotism inspires me. He is a national hero and I too would like to lay my life down, if needed, for my country.”

With not a very hefty portfolio to his credit, Jimmy is happy to have played memorable parts in movies such as Munnabhai MBBS and Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster, “When Munnabhai came my way, my reaction was ‘I love this character, I am doing it. Till date people remember it. I will do a role as long as I am happy about it. More importantly, I don’t make the destiny of the film, my destiny.”

Unlike many from his profession, Jimmy has kept links with his roots alive. He is committed to at least one Punjabi film in a year. “My first Punjabi film, Yaaran Naal Baharan was a huge hit and theatres were full of people who just didn’t see the film as they were busy dancing in the hall, enjoying the new wave of Punjabi cinema! Just after its success, a journalist asked me whether I will go back to Bollywood for good. It was at that point that I promised myself that I will do atleast one Punjabi film in a year.”  

So far, the actor has been true to his promise but rues, “People don’t go to watch Punjabi films in theatre which is rather discouraging. After being dedicated to Punjabi films for 7-8 years, I feel there is much more to be done.”