Waste 'mis'management in Bagepalli

Waste 'mis'management in Bagepalli

Open sites and grounds in the town have become dumping yards for the public

The uncleared solid waste dumped in open sites and grounds have turned out to be a headache to the residents of Bagepalli town.

The open sites and grounds, which have conveniently turned into dumping yards, are not only an eyesore to the public. But these spots, which otherwise do not go well with the aesthetic looks of the town, are turned into dangerous breeding grounds leading to spread of various diseases.

Bagepalli town comprises 23 wards. Apart from the garbage bins installed at various prominent spots on the main road and in the wards, the open sites and grounds have turned into convenient dumping yards. These places are often found swarming with mosquitoes, stray dogs and pigs, who have a gala time, littering around.

For months, the garbage is not cleared and the stench emanating from the dumping yards leave a trail of foul smell to the passersby, much to their displeasure. The public are seen covering their face, while passing through these spots, much to the embarrassment of the residents.

In fact, inmost of the wards, the roads have also been converted into garbage stretches. Such is the plight of the passersby that they will have to make their way amid the garbage pile.

If this was the condition of the wards, the condition of the mutton market, Guluru Road, town market, the main road which passes through the town and other areas, are no better.

Dumped in drains

The mutton market lacked a systematic method of waste disposal. The meat and waste from the mutton shops were either dumped in the drain or thrown in the open corners. With no systematic waste disposal measure in place, the shop owners were least bothered about the hygiene and cleanliness of the market premises.

The SBM Road and the Gurulu Road were no better. The spilling garbage bins cause more nuisance than use. The City market also sported piles of rotting vegetables with waste water spilled all over the place. Unkempt paths, narrow lanes and crowd added to the woes of the public, who visited the shops for their daily dose of groceries and vegetables. Perhaps, the easy way of disposing the waste on the roads was rampant only here.

Civic welfare

It is an irony to note that the Town Municipal Council (TMC), which receives abundant funds in crores, has failed to implement small and meaningful projects which may cost a few thousands, in the civic welfare of the public. Issues like drinking water, proper roads, power and cleanliness that matter most for the public. If these things were met with earnest efforts on behalf of the TMC, then most of the woes of the people would be addressed, says Karakuru Manjunatha Reddy.

While the Town Municipal Council has failed to deliver the goods, there was no point in ranting on its inefficiency, according to Manoharachary, a resident of Ward No 6. When most of the posts in the TMC were lying vacant, how can we expect the Council to perform.

In-charge Chief Officer Channegowda was presently holding the reins of TMC administration. At least the TMC officer or the TMC members should make a point to visit the ward every week and interact with the residents. This will be the first step towards progress, he adds.

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