Evening of melodies

Evening of melodies

The International Music and Arts Society presented a Western classical concert by Julie-Anne Derome and Gabrielle Prynn, a talented duo who have been playing together for 15 years. With Julie-Anne on violin and Gabrielle on cello, the concert held at the Alliance Francaise had music lovers enjoying themselves to the core.

“Our tour of India, which began ten days ago, is coming to an end with this concert,” said Gabrielle as he addressed the audience. The two started off with a classic by Beethoven, which consisted of an allegro and minuette and trio.

“He wrote this piece as a token of friendship. This song is a light-hearted, cheerful composition by Beethoven unlike most of his other pieces, which are extremely serious,” explained Gabrielle. There was a delightful interplay of the chords as the two played the beautiful melody.

Following this, were the compositions by other great composers like Chopin, Handel and Schubert.

Be it the composition Passacaglia and Sarabande by George Friedrich Handel and Johan Halvorsen, or Paul Frehner’s Oracle for violin and cello, the duo’s performance was loved by all.

Julie-Anne and Gabrielle even performed solos and entertained the audience.
Frederic Chopin’s Nocturne Op 9 No 2 and Ana Sokolovic’s composition were played by Gabrielle while Julie-Anne played a piece by Franz Schubert. The two also played Maurice Ravel’s Sonata for violin and cello which went on for around 25 minutes as it had four sonatas.

Most of the music-lovers present at the event enjoyed the music to the fullest as they closed their eyes and hummed along.  The event was supported by the Canadian Council for the Arts.