Upcoming actor dreams high

Upcoming actor dreams high

While many wait for opportunities to knock their door, this young artiste Surya Kamath has involved in various activities which turned into stepping stones and has made him to reach his goal, writes Shivaranjini S.

Many who dream of becoming an actor wait for opportunities to knock their door. Surya Kamath contrary to such youngsters has involved himself in various activities which are stepping stones for him to reach his goal.

Surya who hails from Srirampura of Mysore was interested in dance since young. During his first stage show when he was just eight years old, he was inspired by Mahesh Jain’s dance there.

He joined Mahesh’s dance school and learnt dance for almost two years. He later practiced dance watching TV and videos on internet.

Some time later he formed his own dance troupe along with his like minded friends and has given many performances across Karnataka.  His inspiration was Prabhudev, whose movie ‘Kadalan’ had then hit the screen.

His journey on screen began after acting in a role of hero’s friend in ‘Premism’ movie directed by Ratnaja in 2008. Recognising his talents, Neenasam Ashwath insisted Surya to join Natana academy of Mandya Ramesh.

He says, Mandya Ramesh was the one who taught him every small aspect of acting, corrected him and equipped him with requirements of film land. He has performed in more than 150 shows including ‘Chora charana dasa’, ‘Mojina seeme ache ondooru,’ ‘Satru andre satru,’ ‘Kiravantha,’ and other plays across Karnataka.

Lead role

In the play ‘Satru andre satru’ Surya has performed six roles in different shows. It was this play through which he was selected for ‘Devi’ Kannada serial by Sruthi Naidu and Ramesh Indira. He was picked up by them for a lead role ‘Suchendra’ in the serial, in which director Ramesh Indira performs his father’s role.

They even got father-son pair award in Zee kutumba awards. He says the role is very challenging and there would something new in every episode of the serial. He has even worked as assistant director for ‘Chi Sou Savitri’ and play ‘Samsaradalli sanidapa’ of Mandya Ramesh. Surya has even served as a dance teacher at Natana.
According to him, theatre demands more energy to reach out to people with no retakes.

Concentration is the foremost aspect in theatre. He recalls Mandya Ramesh for bringing out his talents as a real artiste. Saying serials, movies and plays are challenging in their own ways, he opines that movies do justice more to outreach talents.

Producer Yogesh Hunsur selected him for his movie ‘Hubballi Hudugaru’ directed by Raghu Jaya which has almost completed its shooting and would be released in next month. Surya has guest appearences in ‘Parvathi Parameshwara,’ comedy serial. He has also acted in serial ‘Seethe’ as demon ‘Dhoomraksha.’In serial ‘Deepavu ninnade gaaliyu ninnade,’ directed by Ravi Basappanadodi he has a role of ‘Shekar’ with negative shade.

Surya’s father V K Gopalakrishna (railway employee), mother Usha Kamath (homemaker) and brother Lakshmana Kumar Kamath (Army) have encouraged him a lot, but insisted him to complete his B Com and later chase his dreams of acting.

His brother, Surya says, has great hopes on him and would always take his side at home to encourage him. He never forgets to take his friends name when it comes to encouragement. He says they were the one directly responsible for his dreams of becoming an actor.


 Though he has fair chances in serials at hand, the young lad wants action related roles in movies. Inspired by movies and acting of Jackie Chan, Akshay Kumar, Bruce Lee and others since childhood, he wanted to be like them.

He was an athlete too and even trained in gymnastics, which he says played prominent part in his flexibility for his body language, which he calls is his strength in acting.

Surya says he is never disheartened by any incidents and discouraged by anyone in the field rather he has positive feedbacks from his fans.

With confidence, dedication and strong passion for acting, aspiring actor Surya hopes to see ‘sun rise’ in movies after his successful venture in serials.

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