On the organic path

On the organic path

Healthy Way

Organic products are catching up with the youth in the City. Many of them prefer buying organic spices, vegetables and food grains from stores in their area. While the trend is catching up, the suppliers are grappling with the growing demand for organic products.

Devjani, an IT professional, has been using only organic products and says that it has helped him in being healthy. “I use organic spices, vegetables and food grains.

I had severe gastro-enteritis and the doctor advised me to use organic products. Initially, I was hesitant as I had no knowledge about organic farming. But I made an effort to learn about it and began using organic products ever since,” she informs. Organic foods are generally produced through methods which don’t involve modern synthetic processes like using pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

Many countries like the US, Canada, Japan and some of the European countries have started growing organic products. Most of these products are grown in kitchen farms.
“In the United States, a food can only be labelled as organic if it contains a minimum of 95 per cent organic ingredients.

In most countries, organic produce may not be genetically modified. The application of nano-technology should not be used in growing organic products. Only then can it be termed as organic,” said Sapna Kahlon, a

Though the organic products are costlier than normal ones, it does not deter the customers.

 “These spices are costlier than normal ones. I am ready to pay only because I know that I am eating healthy food and not chemicals. The only problem is that there are not many stores in Bangalore which have organic products. These products are available only in some supermarkets,” adds Aritra, a resident of Belandur.

The awareness regarding such products is very low and people usually consider those who go organic as health freaks.

 “It has become a norm in foreign countries to use organic products and even grow them, but not many people know about organic products. The shops, which sell these products, don’t propagate them,” informs Aritra.

He also informs that he had been suffering from acidity and other stomach-related problems till he started using organic products. His health has improved since then.

“My skin and health has improved from the time I have started using organic products. I got to know about it through the internet and then read about it. It is the best way to remain healthy and fit,” he adds.

Chiranjiv, who uses just organic and pro-nature products for a year now, says that it helps in more ways than one.

“When we use organic products, we not only help the farmers in and around the City. We also rid ourselves of toxins like carbide and other pesticides. I had read about how Endosulfan had killed many families and marine creatures in many villages and that’s why I decided to go organic,” he sums up.

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