House without a housewife

House without a housewife


f you are a husband of a housewife then read on, else it may not make much sense to you. Husbands are a kind who feel that housewives have nice time at home, not having the pressure of work or boss and also the hassles of traffic during travel to office. I felt that the work at home is worse than going to office when I realised this during my wife’s trip to in-laws house recently.

It all starts in the morning when you need to switch on the geyser and make coffee. If you are a filter coffee addict, then you may have to spend some time making the decoction in the night. Remember you need to pick up the milk.

Then you wait for the servant maid, who has to complete household chores and ensure that she did a good job at it — else it will reflect on your supervisory capabilities which your wife feels you perform effectively at office. If you don’t have a servant maid, the work may get more difficult.

I know the next thing which comes to your mind is the plan for breakfast, lunch, etc. Unless you want to take the easy route of having it in a mess or hotel, you have to really slog it out to make some food.

The daily list of tasks does not end here. You have to buy vegetables, fruits and provisions. You need to keep the waste bags at the right time at the doorsteps; get washed clothes from outside, fold it and give them to laundry for ironing. If you have a garden, you have to water the plants. Don’t forget to close the doors and turn off the gas cylinder, lights water taps and so many other things.

Did I mention the work breakdown structure properly. Hope the project tasks sequencing was proper and executed as per timelines. Of course, the project here is house work and also the status updates have to be given to my wife when she returns home.

I bet you did not realise that these jobs were done by your wife. The above list is applicable only if a housewife is not in the house for a day or two. If she is out for more time, I may have to add more to the tasks list.

My wife is back home and I am happy to go to office tomorrow and I will never tell anyone that I have a housewife. Project (house) manager may be appropriate!

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