Malaysian waitress who served beer to model faces caning

Malaysian waitress who served beer to model faces caning

The model was earlier sentenced for drinking in public by an Islamic court.

The waitress who has not been named was fined RM 5,000 ($ 1,429) and six strokes of cane.

These are the first two cases of women being sentenced to caning in Malaysia where Muslims are forbidden from drinking in public as per the Shariah law.

The waitress, who pleaded guilty, has appealed. A verdict is awaited, The Star said Wednesday.

Kartika, 32, a mother of two, stirred a controversy by insisting that she be caned in public in the presence of her family members and the media.

The case hit international headlines and human rights and women's bodies have appealed for doing away with this mode of punishment to a woman.

The Syriah High Court judge who has sentenced the two women, besides four men in the last five years, is unfazed by criticism and says he is merely performing his duty.

Judge Abdul Rahman Md Yunos makes no apologies for his rulings, the newspaper said Wednesday after speaking to him.

"I am merely carrying out my duties as a court official as well as to society," he was qouted as saying.

Abdul Rahman, 53, has been a Kuantan Syariah High Court judge in Pahang state since 1996. Prior to that he was the Chief Kadi, the religious preacher.

On Monday he sentenced an Indonesian worker to serve a year in jail and be whipped six times for drinking alcohol in a restaurant.