A quintessential beach

Stretched out in a hue of blue and green, Ullal beach is a prime tourist attraction of Karnataka.

The beach which is known for its neat shore lies 12 kilometers away from Mangalore city. It is situated in the historical fishing town ‘Ullal’ which was ruled by Rani Abbakka Devi in mid 16th century.

The tranquil beach covered with casuarinas and coconut groves has a breathtaking view. The Arabian Sea gently breaks on the golden sands and the cool breeze on the shore makes this place a perfect hang out spot.

The beach is frequently visited by tourists throughout the year. The main reason is that Ullal has important religious places such as the Ullala Syed Madani Dargah, St Sebastian Church of Permannur, Sri Bhagavati Temple and the Ullala Adishwara Parthnatha Swamy Basadi.

The town also has the Queen Abbakka’s Fort at Ranipura. Tourists, who visit these places, make it a point to visit the beach.


The beautiful beach also has a dangerous side. Many people have lost their lives in the sea. Two fishermen clubs ‘Shivaji Jeeva Rakshakara Sangha’ and ‘Jeeva Rakshaka Ijugara Sangha’ have turned into voluntary life guard organisations and are always ready to save people from drowning. Speaking to City Herald, Mohan Puthran, a member of the Jeeva Rakshaka Ijugara Sangha, says that Ullal beach does not have shallow shoreline.

“Many tourists are very excited about their beach visit that they take a plunge into the sea. Many have lost their lives,” he says and adds that his association has saved more than 300 lives in the past 15 years.

Sea erosion

The sea turns rough during the rainy season. The fishing families, who live on the beach, face the threat of their house being collapsed. To solve his issue, huge boulders are placed on the shoreline which acts as a temporary break wall.

Tourist hub

In spite of several dangers, people keep returning to the beach. It is the hub of fishing activity and one can see boats lined up on the shore during the fishing season. One can also find petty shops on the shore selling refreshments.

How to reach?

Mangalore is well connected with major cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, so getting to Ullal is quite easy. The nearest bus stand is just one km away from Ullal beach. One can walk or take a rickshaw to the beach from the bus stop.
Taxis or cars can be arranged from Mangalore to Ullal.

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