No forward movement on Siachen standoff between India-Pak

No forward movement on Siachen standoff between India-Pak

No forward movement on Siachen standoff between India-Pak

Indian and Pakistani officials have made no forward movement on resolving the military standoff on the Siachen glacier, with both sides sticking to their stated positions in two-day talks, diplomatic and official sources said today.

During talks yesterday between an Indian delegation led by Defence Secretary Shashikant Sharma and a Pakistani team led by Defence Secretary Nargis Sethi, the two sides
"explained their respective stances" and reiterated stated positions, sources from both sides told PTI.

The second day of the talks today was largely devoted to working out a joint statement to be issued to the media, official sources said.

According to Pakistani media reports, the Pakistani side reiterated its call for demilitarising the Siachen glacier and pulling back troops to the positions in 1984.

The Pakistani side further called for the resolution of the issue in the light of arrangements discussed in 1989 and 1992.

The Indian government has made it clear that any settlement must include the authentication and demarcation of current military positions on Siachen. The move is aimed at thwarting the possible re-induction of troops by Pakistan after any demilitarisation of the glacier.

Pakistan's Defence Minister Naveed Qamar told The Nation daily: "There is a realisation among both the sides that confrontation would lead to very negative implications that hinder economic and social development.

"Peace is the ultimate solution to bring prosperity to the region. Pakistan and India need to keep peace measures intact so as to eradicate misgivings and move on. Cooperation is the key to success," he added.