Decade-old wait for bridge continues

The residents have been demanding a bridge across a stream, to provide convectively to the remote villages of Gundihithlu-Pallathadka in Harihara Pallathadka Gram Panchayat limits for the last several years. However, the demand has not been fulfilled even during this monsoon.

The residents of Gundihithlu-Pallathadka have to depend on boats to reach their village from Harihara Pallathadka town. Without a bridge across Bendodi stream, the residents are put to hardship during monsoon.

To reach Harihara Pallathadka, the school and college going students have to cross the river during monsoon. There is no problem during summer, but the actual problem starts during monsoon as the villagers find it difficult to cross the overflowing river. Though there is an alternative road to reach the town, one has to walk through the forest.  The people avoid the route because of the presence of wildlife.  

Several children have faced difficulties while crossing the river during monsoon. As a result, the parents are forced to wait for their children on the other end of the river daily, to ensure the safety of the children.

The villagers have been demanding a bridge for the last several years. However, the demand has fallen on the deaf ears of the elected representatives. In spite of a former gram panchayat president hailing from the region, the residents have not been benefited from his service.

Harihara Pallathadka Gram Panchayat President Bindu P said that the gram panchayat does not have enough funds to take up the work on the bridge. “Hence, we have appealed to the MLA, Taluk Panchayat president. MLA and the TP president had visited the spot and have promised to release funds for the construction of a bridge.”

Taluk Panchayat member Tara Mallara said that the bridge is a necessity for the residents and they have been making an effort to get funds from the government.
On the other hand, Zilla Panchayat member K S Devaraj said that the government has not released any funds for the construction of a bridge. “The Zilla Panchayat can not take up the work on bridge on its own.”

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