Hearth of stone

Large stone blocks are an integral part of any building and are crucial for a home’s strong foundation. Stone as a building material is durable and can also be chiselled into any form or design to suit one’s style of decor.

Its rustic appearance and natural texture gives that extra beauty and sense of lavishness to homes. Several home owners opt for stone for their interiors as well. Slate, limestone or the commonly used Cuddapah and Shabad stones are preferred by home owners most often.

Stones in cladding

Stones can be used for interior walls or certain sections of a room. Cladding the same for all the four walls may not be a great design idea. If one wall is decorated with stone
slabs, it can be complemented with wood or matching colours for other walls.

A living area where there is a provision for bar section can be made to look all the more appealing if that part is clad with stones. An arch separating two sections of a room or is ideal for stones to be used. A dining table with a stone clad top is apt for the dining hall.

In combination with wood

Stone can also be blended with wood. The latter can be used on the ceiling on a stone clad wall or on either sides of the wall. The shape and size of the stone used for cladding should be to enhance the ambience of the place. Slim rectangular shaped stones will lend a great look to any space.

Using stones for home decor with a good sense of imagination can beautify the interiors. Stone tiles, decorative stone walls, arches and columns can be selected so that the interior decor is both contemporary as well as traditional. Slabs are widely used for flooring which gives the place a rustic look when compared with other polished surfaces.
For flooring, naturally polished stone is best suited.

This kind of flooring requires very less maintenance apart from lending a warm and natural appearance. Pebbles are another form of stone which can be used for home decor. In fact, using pebbles is a very popular trend. They can be placed anywhere like wall murals to flooring. Using decorative material made out of pebbles give an antique look to the entire building. Simple blocks of stones can be used for seating in the verandah or in the garden. They can also be used as display stands, shelves and decorative ledges.

Use in landscaping

Thus, stone is a very widely used natural material for both the exterior and interiors. Using the same in landscaping may change the ambience of the outdoors. They are rugged and can withstand any climate. They are also commonly used in cobbled pathway, pergolas and fountains. For the porticos, the flooring and walls can be clad with stone slabs with hanging baskets fixed to the walls at appropriate place.

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