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Try these raw delights

Certain fruits and vegetables lend themselves to delectable dishes in their raw form. Among them are tomatoes, papayas, guavas, mangoes, grapes, green tamarind, pepper, green gram (arbare) and tur (togari), etc. 

Fresh green peppers (before drying them) also make good pickles, along with ginger. The best results can be achieved when these fruits/vegetables are used at the appropriate stage — neither too raw nor too ripe enough to be eaten as just fruits. Here are a few recipes to try:

Raw Tomato Curry 

Ingredients: Raw tomatoes — 6 (chopped), salt and jaggery, ground into a coarse paste; coconut gratings — 2 tbsp, mustard seeds — 1 tsp, asafoetida and turmeric powder — a pinch each, red chillies — 3/4 teaspoon.

For the seasoning: Oil — 2 tsps, jeera and mustard — half a teaspoon each, red chillies — 3/4 teaspoon, curry leaves — a few.

Method: Heat oil and season with the mentioned ingredients. Add chopped tomatoes, salt and saute till they turn tender. Add a cup of water along with the ground paste and jaggery. Cook for two minutes till the ingredients blend well. Serve hot with rice/rotis. Serves four.

Papaya Curry

Ingredients: Raw papaya (peeled and diced) — 4 cups, green gram dal — one and a half cups, green chillies — 2 (chopped), coconut gratings — 2 tbsps, curry leaves — a few, salt — to taste.

For the seasoning: Oil —2 teaspoons, mustard seeds —1 teaspoon, red chillies — 3, asafoetida and turmeric — a pinch each, lime juice — 1 teaspoon, coriander leaves (chopped) — a few.

Method: Heat the oil and season with the mentioned ingredients. Add nine cups of water, salt and green gram dal. Allow it to cook till it turns tender. Add papaya and cook for another few minutes till they are tender and dry. Add lime juice and coriander leaves as garnish. Serve with rotis. Serves four.

Guava Salad

Ingredients: Semi-ripe guavas — 4, carrot gratings and pomegranate seeds — 2 tbsps each, green gram sprouts — 2 tbsps, salt and sugar — to taste, lime juice — a teaspoon, tasted sesame seeds — 1 tbsp, green chillies and coriander leaves — a few (chopped).

Method: Cut each guava into two halves and remove the seeded portion. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and serve it as a delicious snack. Serves four.

Minty Grapes

Ingredients: Fresh semi-ripe, green, seedless grapes — 2 cups, curds — 3 cups, salt and sugar — to taste, coconut grating — 1 tbsp, green chillies — 1, mint leaves — half a cup, cumin/jeera — half a teaspoon. 

For the seasoning: Oil — 1 teaspoon, mustard seeds — half a teaspoon, red chillies — 3.

Method: Use the grapes either as a whole if they are small, or cut into two. Beat the curd well and add salt, sugar along with the ground paste. Mix well. Add the grapes and season with the mentioned ingredients. Serve with rotis/rice or as a snack. Serves four.

Tamarind Spread 

Ingredients: Tender, fresh tamarind (chopped) — 4 cups, green chillies (chopped) — 8, toasted methi powder — a teaspoon, salt — to taste, asafoetida — a pinch, turmeric — quarter of a teaspoon.

For the seasoning: Oil — 3 tbsps, mustard seeds — a teaspoon, methi seeds — half a teaspoon, red chillies — 5 pieces.

Method: Crush or grind the chopped tamarind pieces along with green chillies, salt, asafoetida and turmeric to a coarse paste without adding water. Heat the oil and season with the mentioned ingredients. Add the ground paste and saute for a few minutes, to blend well. Remove the contents and bottle them once they cool. Serve with rice/rotis.

Pepper-Ginger Pickle

Ingredients: Green pepper — 10, mango, ginger (peeled) — half a cup, salt and red chilli powder — to taste, mustard powder — 1 teaspoon, asafoetida — a pinch, turmeric powder — half a teaspoon, lime juice — 2 tbsps, or a few chopped lime wedges. 

Method: Cut the pepper bunches into 1-inch pieces. Boil a cup of water and add all the spices, salt, lime juice and stir well. Add the peppers and ginger slices and let it soak for four days before use.


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