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Potholes on railway crossing

A railway crossing near Agalagurki Gate on BB Road, which is frequently used by motorists, has become dangerously worn by potholes.

The problem is severe enough to have caused several motorcylists to be in jured after having fallen down. Urgent repairs are needed but authorities have turned a blind eye to the problem.

Instead, the railways officials and City Municipal Council members have blamed each other for the detrioratrion of the crossway.


Heaps of garbage

The area beneath the overbridge on Shidlaghatta Road, at the outskirts of town, has become a dumping ground for garbage. Residents nearby fear that the dump will emerge as a source for diseases and a mosquito breeding ground.

Garbage collected from various locations in the city is being dumped at this spot, instead of being deposited a proper dump at the outskirts of town. Many children play beneath the overbridge, who will no doubt become exposed to filth and disease.

The proper authorities should clear garbage immediately and ensure that the area is hygenic.


Unkempt premises

The Maheshwari Temple in Minakanagurki, located about 15 kilometres from the taluk headquarters, is  a popular pilgrim spot.

It is visited by hordes of people, specially children and old people. The temple has vast open space where children play while elders take rest.

Of late, the cleanliness has taken a back seat as garbage is strewn around and weeds grown all over the temple premises.

Further, scanty rains have affected the people as the ornamental plants and trees in the garden are withering due to lack of water.

The lack of basic amenities has knelt a deathly blow to the pristine environment.

The authorities concerned to take necessary step to maintain cleanliness as people from distant places visit the temple.


Repair stormwater drain

The stones covering the stormwater drain by the road near Santhe Maidan have either come off or cracked.

The road is narrow and hundreds of vendors, residents and even students from the schools in the neighbourhood, who use the road, have a difficult time.

Only a two-wheeler can be driven down the street, given the width of the road. The condition of the drain cover, however, is a major hindrance for pedestrians and bikers using the road.

Officers at the City Municipal Council are requested to repair the covering before people fall into the drain.

Suresh, Wajid, Gowramma,

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