'My work is spiritually driven'

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A crowd of 500 people waited with eagerly for ace choreographer Shiamak Davar to come through the doors of DLF Saket Mall.

In the city to promote Street Dance 2 through a contest meant for youngsters, he looked dapper in a black shirt, black coat and denims and whole-heartedly cheered for all the performers. Later the youth icon happily posed with fans for pictures too. Accompanied by student-turned-friend, Marzi Pestonji, Shiamak spoke to Metrolife about Bollywood and his love for dance and spirituality – a subject very close to his heart.

It is a known fact that no Bollywood movie choreographed by Shiamak has gone unnoticed. “Even if a film flops and I have choreographed some of its songs, people may forget about the film but the songs are an instant hit and remembered for long.” Shiamak’s struggle to introd­uce contemporary dance in India reflects in his eyes. “In the past, dance was not deemed an art. Even two decades ago people were not very open and dance was considered a bad thing.

I had to struggle a lot and had to prove to people that it is a fine art form. I travelled to places, researched new dance forms and worked on my own style to bring contemporary dance in the country.” The result of his persistence is visible. His name is behind most of the choreography at award shows in Bollywood today, as also are most of the songs in virtually every film. “Yeah, it feels great,” he smiles.

Unlike in classical dance structure where guru and shishya spend time with each other and the disciple is taught over long hours everyday, Shiamak believes in training the best dancers in his academy who later become senior trainers. “I keep telling my students during dance shows especially in the summer funk speeches, to inculcate the right techniques, understand the science and form of dance. I want my students to take my legacy forward. I wish I could work with each and every student but my work space is expansive.”

He may be an inspiration for an entire generation of youngsters but he in turn is inspired by “Chandralekha Prabhudas Patel, Tanusree Shankar and Ananda Shankar” who he believes “are the finest and most experien­c­ed dancers in our country.”
Few are aware that Shiamak is actually a very deeply spiritual person, and that he shares this passion with friends and close companions Rumi and Khursheed Bhavnagri who has authored The Laws of the Spirit World.

“Since the time I have met the Bhavnagaries, my whole life has changed. You will find that a lot of my work is spiritually driven. My spiritual faculties are God-gifted and I am alw­a­ys craving to learn more on this subject. My definition of spirituality is simple: do good, love God, do sewa, then shut up and go home. One needs to have patience and faith in God. Whenever you do anything good you will progress.”

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