Fish-laden truck plunges into pond

Fish-laden truck plunges into pond

The heavy rains which lashed the district for the last few days has taken a toll on the national highway, state highway and other roads.

All the roads were seen inundated in Kundapur.

The road from Herikudru bridge to Hemmadi on NH 66 is in deplorable condition with water logged roads, following artificial floods due to lack of storm water drains.
Owing to the negligence of the National Highway, the depth of the potholes has increased over a period.

A mini swimming pool has been created in potholes, at Kundapur Market yard, Anagalli Cross Road, in front of KSRTC bus shelter. Two-wheeler riders have to negotiate the deep potholes often filled with muddy water.

Owing to the deplorable condition of the road, a fish laden lorry driver lost control over the vehicle and plunged into prawn cultivation pond at Thallur on Thursday.

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