Protein shakes, not as healthy as you think

Protein shakes, not as healthy as you think

Consumption of protein shakes has increased in the recent past

Protein shakes, not as healthy as you think

For the girls out there, what should your dream boy look like? Most of the answers will say muscular, brawny and hunk type. These physical attributes for the boyfriend types could take some time to accomplish, or so we thought till we were informed otherwise.

The curr­e­nt trend among young men is to quickly boost their muscle strength which gives the upper portion of the body an enhanced look. To help fulfill the dreams of getting that Salman Khan type look, protein sha­k­es to boost muscle strength are the latest rage with fitness freaks.

However when consumed without proper guidance, these supplements can have a negative effect. Abhishek Gupta, a market research consultant says, “I took prot­e­in shakes for two months but developed gastric probl­e­ms. It was high on cholesterol and did not help in muscle building as promised.”

It is crucial to be well-informed about the product you are purchasing, says Vikrant Gupta, who regularly goes to gym, “A branded protein shake can cost upto Rs. 3000 for two kgs but there are many medic­al stores in the city which keep cheap stuff I waited for a year bef­o­re starting to take the shakes. Cheap products will give you result in short time but they are harmful in the long run.”

Kishore Digwal, a gym owner clarifies the misconception, “Protein shakes do not harm if taken in moderation but many youngsters mix them with steroids to get result within two-three months. Every body type and blood group is different. It’s better to import them as the cha­n­ces of getting duplicate goods in India are very high.”

Danish Khan, a personal trainer agrees, “I know many people who have consumed supplements without expert advice and in two-three years have developed serious diseases like arthritis, cervical problems, sudden hair loss, liver damage and kidney problems.”

Without expert guidance these enhancers come at a heavy cost. Simran Saini, a nutritional and wellness consultant says, “With high intake of concentrated protein the pH level of the body turns acidic in nature. Cases come to us after the reaction has taken place in the body. We put them on a detox programme and incre­a­se the intake of water so that the pH level goes back to being alkaline. This process can take four-five months.

Earlier I used to receive one case in 4 months but now I see at least two-three a month.”
It is better to take natural protein like paneer, tofu and eggs than become addicted to protein shakes.

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