Row over dumping of waste solved in Gonikoppa

A GP member had filed a writ petition in the High Court

Row over dumping of waste solved in Gonikoppa

With the High Court vacating the stay order on dumping of garbage, the problem of scientific disposal of waste has been solved in Ponnampet and Gonikoppa gram panchayats.

Ponnampet and Gonikoppa gram panchayats had resolved to dump the waste in survey number 205/1 at Halligattu.

However, Aravathokkalu gram panchayat member Philliphose Mathew had filed a writ in the High Court and had brought a stay order against the dumping of the waste in the said area.

Mathew had argued that the land was earmarked for Navagrama Yojana to construct houses for the poor.

The court had directed the deputy commissioner to furnish details on seven-acre land.

After getting all the details from the deputy commissioner, the court has directed the gram panchayats to use the two-acre land for disposing the waste.

The court has directed Ponnampet, Gonikoppa and Aruvathokkalu gram panchayats to use the land judiciously.

Ponnampet gram panchayat president Rekha Sridhar said, “Disposing the waste was a headache for the gram panchayat. Now the problem has been solved.

Measures will be taken to clear the waste dumped in front of the Ponnampet court.”

Gonikoppa gram panchayat president Rajesh said: “Vacating of the stay order will solve the problems related to dumping of waste.”

Aravathokkalu GP member Philliphose Mathew said: “The wrong details furnished by the tahsildar and assistant commissioner will put the public to several hardships.”

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