Record in the making

Record in the making

The 16 members of the newly-formed squad and their coach Adam Whittington, ran around the slush filled track completing 2352 passes in 80 minutes.

Dave Armstrong, who is the youth coach at the Karnataka Rugby Football Union, was responsible in keeping track of the number of passes made and the time.

The players looked slack in their first lap of 15 minutes and managed to complete only 434 passes but coming into the second lap, after a five-minute break, the boys sped things up to complete 540 passes.

Third and fourth laps yielded 654 and 680 passes respectively before the boys staged a sprint to complete the try. The boys were given participation medals at the end of the event.

The results and photographic evidence will be sent to Limca Book of Records, New Delhi. After an analysis of the attempt, the record will be either accepted or denied, based on the evidence handed over.

“The record attempt was a success. We dropped the ball eleven times but all in all, it’s still in for the record book. A dossier will be made and sent to them but it’s hard to tell when the decision will come out,” said Armstrong.