Rolling in the Metro

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Rolling in the Metro

Residents of Ghaziabad, Greater Noida and Noida Extension are an elated lot. Plans for the Delhi Metro to reach these vast areas in the NCR are on fast-track finally.

The industrial development authorities here have approved two metro lines towards Greater Noida and Noida Extension, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of a direct line between Noida and South Delhi has been cleared and the DPR of another route from Noida to Ghaziabad is in its final stage.

Lacking an efficient transport system since as long back as the time when these areas came into being, people here are now ready to roll in the Metro. Metrolife spoke to a few to know their wishlist from the Metro.

Goutam De, President, Resident Welfare Association of Sunrise Green Residence, Indirapuram (Ghaziabad) says, “Public conveyance is a huge problem here. UP Roadways and private buses are few and far in between, autodrivers charge as per their wish and commuting to even nearby places like Vaishali burns a hole in the pocket. Private cabs do run here but they are definitely risky and not everybody can squeeze in with half a dozen other passengers.”

“I run a consultancy service and have to burn litres of petrol every time I go out; but who likes to do that in these days of inflation? Ghaziabad is a growing city and has recently got many private universities, IT offices especially around Noida sector 62, restaurants, markets etc., but good transport is grossly missing. If the Metro arrives here, it will be as good as a boon.”

Residents of Greater Noida seem to have even greater expectations from the Metro. SPS Chauhan, a resident of Anand Ashray Complex in sector Phi 2 says, “Every place the Metro has reached, it has brought in development. In fact, we in Greater Noida feel a bit backward that we don’t have Metro here. Hopefully, its coming in will also lead to some improvement of the law and order situation as Metro itself is a high security establishment.”

“I only hope that the Greater Noida Metro doesn’t go the same way as the Airport Express line as this one is also being built on a PPP model. What good is a high-tech Metro if it shuts down after a few days?”

In Noida Extension presently, the coming of Metro is likely to benefit builders more than residents-to-be. Saurabh Saraswat, a real estate dealer says, “The legal tangle regarding private townships which have come up on farmland in Noida Extension is unlikely to be resolved soon. By the time people start residing here, it will already be three-four years. So DMRC can probably prioritise the other lines over Noida Extension.”

And as far as Delhiites go, Metro doesn’t cease to excite them even 10 years after it first started running. Krishna Bisht, an IT professional who takes a bus from her residence in South-Extension to office in Noida daily, says, “Though transport on this route is not really bad, who would bother with buses if a direct Metro line arrives.

I would anyday abandon the traffic, sweat and grime of route no. 392 for the exclusive ladies AC coach of the Metro. So when is the Metro coming?” Good question, but knowing its track record, it will probably be on time.  

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