'Create awareness on child rights'

Karnataka State Commission For Protection and Child Rights Member Vanitha Torvi regretted that lack of awareness regarding the values of education and concerned department’s failure in performing necessary campaigns upholding the child rights has landed countless children into trouble.

Speaking to the media persons during her visit to the district, Karnataka State Child Rights Protection Commission member said that it is disheartening to see the children in the district like Udupi, which is acknowledged as most literate district, being pushed to child labour system.

Referring to a child aged 14 years two months missing school and working in tiles fitting factory in Ambalpadi area, she said it is the responsibility of all individual to ensure that every child gets education up to 10th standard. She said that the boy found working in Ambalpadi was rehabilitated and admitted into the school. A child below 18 years should be protected and awareness should be created among children regarding their rights. Besides, measures should be taken to make it mandatory on the part of the concerned people to ensure that no child is employed for work, she added.

Stating that the Labour Department, DDPI, Education Officer and NGOs should take intense measures to trace the drop outs and also find out the causes behind it, Torvi said a study should be taken up on the drop outs. Measures should be taken to avoid the children from begging, which is another crime of violating the child rights. The Child Welfare Commission, Juvenile Justice Board and Labour Department are concerned departments when it comes to the protection of child rights. Schools should maintain good hygiene in the school premises including cleanliness of toilets. Psychiatrists are appointed to counsel the seventh and eighth standard students owing to the rise in number of children committing suicide, off late.

District Women and Child Welfare Department Deputy Director Rita Martha said as many as 270 children are suffering from malnutrition in the district. Measures have been taken to provide nutritious food to these kids, she added.

Labour Department Officer Johnson said as many as 55 cases were booked under Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act in the district since 2000. From 2010 to March 2012 no cases were detected. And about three cases were booked under the Act since April 2012, he said.

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