'Indians are very easy going'

'Indians are very easy going'

'Indians are very  easy going'

Expatriates love Bangalore for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, salubrious environment, food and people. Ardalan Sadeghi, an expat from Iran, shares his experiences here.

Expatriates choose to live in the City because of its vibrant atmosphere, lifestyle and friendly people. Ardalan Sadeghi, who hails from Esfahan in Iran, loves Bangalore for its culture and the academic opportunities it offers.

But he says it took him a while to get acquainted with life here. “Communicating was very difficult for me initially. Now, I have managed to learn English by attending a course and also, with the help of my friends,” he explains. “Indians are very easy going unlike most people in the West,” he adds.

After completing his Pre-University course in Pune, Ardalan came to Bangalore to pursue a course in physiotherapy at the M S Ramaiah Medical College. He says he has faced highs and lows as a foreigner.

“I had a tough time looking for a house, dealing with agreements and registering at the commissioner’s office. My agent, who was helping me with admission and accommodation, cheated me because I was a foreigner. I trusted people because I didn’t know anyone,” he says.

While he thinks highly of the City, Ardalan says he is having a great time as a student. He likes to keep to himself but appreciates the fact that his college friends talk to him and help him solve his problems.

“I stay alone and miss home. Yes, I do have friends but they are friends. Nobody can replace my family,” he admits.

About his stay in an apartment in the City, he says that it is a little strange that his neighbours hardly talk to anyone. “They greet each other when they feel like and ignore when they are not in the mood to talk,” he adds.

Ardalan says that the roads in Iran are not as crowded or have traffic jams as here. “It is not polluted either,” he adds. “Dealing with the auto drivers here was horrific initially. They take you for a ride once they know your a foreigner,” he explains.
Ardalan likes to discover something new every day. Learning new languages is one of them. He says now he is confident and proud that he knows not just English but a little bit of Kannada and Hindi as well.

Apart from Iranian friends, Ardalan also has Indian friends. He says, “I like hanging out with my classmates. We usually study, spend time in the library, and hang out together.” He’s a big fan of South Indian food. “I relish dosas, idlis, vadas and of course, the delicious sambar.” Apart from South Indian food, he likes to enjoy a quiet meal at his favourite restaurant, ‘The Only Place’, on Museum Road.

About celebrations in the City, Ardalan says Holi is his favourite festival. He has also travelled to Goa, Mangalore, Pondicherry and Pune with his friends. He admits that he might have to say goodbye to the City after he finishes his course.
 “I will definitely miss the City for its food, rain and people, especially my teachers,” he sums up.


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