Fun and food on a platter

From tangy chaats, fried chicken to piping hot momos, the college canteens in the City have definitely come a long way.

Arjitha (extreme left) shares her tiffin box with friends. DH Photo by Govindraj Javalli

With most colleges housing more than one canteen on campus, one is surely spoilt for choice with the variety of food items available.

With so many different kinds of palates to cater too, colleges in the City are ensuring that they serve nothing but the best to the students. People who manage the canteen have to ensure hygienic and high quality of food at an affordable price.

Many campuses also refrain from serving soft drinks and junk food.
Sushanth, a second-year science student of St Joseph’s College, says that he finds the food on campus very hygienic and healthy. “Over two years, the food has really improved a lot. I generally go for the meals. One actually gets a good amount of vegetables and even the food is hot and fresh,” he adds.

At the same time, Manohar, a third-year student of National College, finds solace in the onion dosas available in the canteen.

“I generally go for food that is made fresh in front of me rather than pick up items that are prepared earlier,” he adds. A lot of people agree with that. Idlis, dosas and even noodles are top favourites when it comes to hot food. But knick-knacks like samosas, puffs, kebabs, chips and biscuits are what many prefer as snacks.

“The samosas are the most popular items on the menu in our canteen. Compared to the regular samosas, those we get here are different because of its filling,” he adds.

While many students in the City gorge on the food on campus, they still feel there is nothing that beats home-made food. Which is why many of them prefer to bring in their tiffin boxes along with them. Arjita, a second-year student of St Joseph’s College, likes to bring food from home.

 “Though the food in the canteen seems hygienic, with the kind of weather we have, I prefer to eat from home. Also, after a while, the food here does get boring as you can’t eat it everyday,” she adds.

Over the years, the humble college canteen may have undergone a make-over in terms of the kind of food served but no matter how good or bad it is, it will always remain a popular hangout on campus.

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