Mega museum in Halebeedu still a dream

Mega museum in Halebeedu still a dream

Mega museum in Halebeedu still a dream

The proposal to build a mega museum for housing invaluable artefacts continues to be a dream at Halebeedu, which is known for its rich historical legacy.

While hundreds of artefacts have been unearthed in Halebeedu, the existing museum is insufficient for housing all the precious artefacts.

Recently, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) deputy superintendent K Murtheshwari visited Halebeedu and mentioned that there is a proposal to build a mega museum. Land has been identified near Kedareshwara Temple for construction of the museum.


The deputy superintendent also reviewed measures taken to record the unearthed artefacts.

With ASI celebration its 150th anniversary, the department is taking measures to ensure that slices of history unearthed near Halebeedu remain intact.

According to sources in ASI, once construction of a bigger museum is completed, then it would turn into a major tourism attraction for the town.

ASI officer P Aravalli pointed out that once the mega museum is completed then repair of broken idols could also be taken up.

He urged locals to provide idols and rare historical sculptures to the department for conservation.

More than 50 idols have been found recently and studies are being undertaken to know more about the history of these findings.

However, sources say that construction of national highways, conversion of agricultural land into sites and using government land for commercial purposes is causing Halebeedu to lose most of its valuable artefacts. Unless effective measures are taken, Halebeedu would be losing part of its history.