Mumbai woman gives police a run for their money

Mumbai woman gives police a run for their money

Police break open the door to arrest her after 90-minute wait

Mumbai woman gives police a run for their money

There was high drama at the Golden Orchid apartment complex near UB City on Thursday, when two teams of police, one from the Cubbon Park station and the other from Mumbai south zone tried to apprehend Sunita Sharma, a woman who allegedly faces charges in Mumbai.

The Mumbai police, local police sources said, had informed them about a warrant against Sunita from a local court in Mumbai.

“They were here to arrest her for an assault and/or cheating case and had informed us (DCP Central and Police Commissioner) of the same. But when they could not (as she had locked herself in her house), we were called in for help.”

According to sources, the Mumbai police, after obtaining information about the whereabouts of Sunita had reached the apartment complex, off Lavelle Road, by evening. At least a good one hour was spent trying to persuade Sunita to get out of her flat, but in vain.

The Cubbon Park police then reached the spot led by a sub inspector. Subsequently, the inspector, Badrinath, also had to come to the spot. The Mumbai team comprised more than two women police personnel and other officials.

It took even the local police a good 90 minutes before they could lay their hands on the accused.

“She just did not co-operate and we finally had to break the door open and hand her over to the Mumbai police,” one of the policemen said.

It was well past 9 pm when Sunita was taken out of her flat, in a car hired by the Mumbai police. Local police did not confirm if she was being detained in one of the stations here for the night or being directly taken to Mumbai. She was not brought to the Cubbon Park station.

Cases regsitered

Sources said Sunita had several cases registered against her in the City, with two cases at the Cubbon Park station alone. A senior official said that she was arrested in the last week of July while attempting theft from one of the flats in the same apartment she was arrested from.

The officer claimed that the police was alerted by one of the tenants and that four men were also arrested along with her, while six others were absconding.
Sunita had subsequently obtained bail and was out. Sources said the woman had several cases against her in Mumbai.