New trend to follow

New trend to follow

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New trend to follow

Adidas is not just about bringing out the sport in you. Its latest initiative —  The DryDye collection — showcases its latest technology, as it uses no water and less chemicals in the manufacturing process. Available in various prints, the collection clearly highlights the new technology.

Eco-friendly, but fashionable

These DryDye T-shirts have been made using the DryDye technology and have evolved to remove the need for any water during the dyeing process. “In fact, we use pressurised carbon dioxide in place of traditional water.

For example, dyeing a single T-shirt requires 25 litres of water. Now, with the DryDye technology, this process not only uses no water, but also uses 50 per cent less energy and 50 per cent less chemicals. It is good for the skin as well,” says Raghunath, from the Adidas team.

This adds to the longevity and comfort level of the garments. “It saves us a lot of money and the best part is that the saved water can now be used for other purposes. Water used for dying, on the other hand, cannot be reused,” he adds.

The T-shirts have been designed just in time for the London Olympic Games and the summer. The Adidas team says that around 50,000 DryDye T-shirts have been manufactured for the promotion of this innovation. It saves around 1,200,000 litres of water in the process. This is only the beginning, as Adidas DryDye will be integrated into more apparel pieces over the next few seasons.

The T-shirts have a simple design and cater to the young as well as old. They are available in a common colour, but with various prints. They can be teamed with a pair of jeans, shorts, track pants as well as tennis skorts and have a
certain sporty appeal. The technology has a long way to go and the response has been good so far.

Manoj Singh, III year, Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, wore a dark blue DryDye T-shirt, white-and-blue striped track pants, a red official Spain cap and white and blue shoes.
Punchline: “I like the fact that it is so comfortable and it has a sporty look. I can wear it to a gym or when I am playing a sport. The look is casual so it can be teamed with a nice pair of shorts and can be worn with denims as well.”
Price: T Shirt (Rs 1,399); Track pants (Rs 2,199); Cap (Rs 799) and CC Seduction Shoes (Rs 7,999).

Chandana, final year, JSSATE, wore a blue DryDye T-shirt, a bright pink tennis Skort and silver and yellow shoes. She completed her look with a white tennis cap.
Punchline: “I love my look, it’s very comfortable, summery and to top it all, comfortable. This pink suits me and goes well with the T-shirt.”
Price: DryDye T-shirt (Rs 1,399); Tennis Skort (Rs 1,399); A/F50 Shoes (Rs 3,499) and tennis cap (Rs 899).

Sithara, final year, Bangalore Institute of Technology, wore a white Skort, a DryDye T-shirt and Adidas trainer shoes.
Punchline: “The T-shirt can be worn with anything, the colour is bright and it’s really comfortable. Ideally, I would wear it while jogging or training and I can also wear it with a nice skirt.”
Price: DryDye T-shirt (Rs 1,399); Tennis Skort (Rs 1,399); Shoes (Rs 2,199) and Load Spring Backpack (Rs 3,299)

Prithvi, final year, Indian Composite PU College, donned a colourful  and sporty look. She wore a DryDye T-shirt, a blue cotton skirt and a pink and grey sweat hoody.
Punchline: “I like the colours, they are so bright. The T-shirt is comfortable and can be worn with a short skirt or could just be teamed with a pair of shorts to make the look casual and colourful. The best part about the T-shirt is that it is bright and can be worn with anything.”

Price: T-shirt (Rs 1,399); Cotton training skirt (Rs 1,299); Sl Shoes (Rs 3,999) and sweat hoody (Rs 2,299).
Amrit Pal Singh, III year, Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, wore a blue DryDye T-shirt and black track pants, teamed with a blue and white shoes.
Punchline: “This outfit is cool, comfortable and simple. I can wear it to mall or when I am out with my friends. The look is sporty. I can wear it with a light pair of denims and I guess that will complete the look”.
Price: T-shirt (Rs 1,399); Track pants (Rs 2,199) and shoes (Rs 6,599).

Jaypal Reddy, final year, VEC College, wore a dark blue DryDye T shirt, black-and-blue striped track pants and lemon green shoes.

Punchline: “The fact that the manufacturing of the T-shirt involves no water is very interesting. The T-shirt is extremely comfortable and I love the way it fits. It’s simple yet classy and the colour goes with all kinds of complexions.”
Price: T shirt (Rs 1,399); Track pants (Rs 2,199) and shoes (Rs 7,999).