'You shouldn't get attached to a song!'

Anyone who sees her is convinced that she should to be an actress, for her beauty is enchanting and her voice melodious. But the 25-year old playback singer, who is known for her Sufi songs reiterates that “music is my first love.”

Metrolife gets candid with the popular singer, Harshdeep Kaur, who was recently in her hometown Delhi, and performed at Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen.

The voice behind the melodious and mesmerizing tracks such as  Katiya karoon (Rockstar), Ik Onkar (Rang De Basanti), Jugni (Cocktail), Baari Barsi (Band Baaja Baaraat) Jhak Maar Ke (Desi Boyz) and Chand ki katori (Guzaarish) to name just a few, the singer has earned a name for herself in a relatively short span of time. The secret behind her success can be traced to her childhood. “My father owned a factory of musical instruments. There was an environment of music in my home, so much so that instruments were my toys.”

Playing piano since the age of six, the singer started lending her voice for Bollywood (when at what age) but it was a reality show that made her popular among masses.

“When you can read music, you get to understand it better while singing. I was already singing for Bollywood when I got a call for Junoon - the reality show. They wanted to include Sufi and folk and I accepted the offer on the condition that I will sing Sufi,” she says and adds, “Coming on TV makes you a household name!”

But this was just the beginning of her dream which was to perform for the audience and sway them the way ghazal king Jagjit Singh did. “I used to listen to Jagjitji’s ghazals in my childhood especially while going to school in the car. I have learnt so much from his pronunciation and clarity in ghazals which were sung with poetic feelings. He has proved that even on a low scale one can do wonders!”

Preferring to talk mostly about her work, Harshdeep evades personal questions. “I am a very shy and introvert person. Whatever I have to share, I share on twitter.” Yet we managed to get Harshdeep to share what she does in her free time. “I go out to watch movies with friends especially those in which I have sung. This is not just to see the movie but also to listen to my voice. I love pets and love to play with dogs. Even the word ‘dogs’ sounds so lovable. I used to have one but he passed away and since then I haven’t kept another pet.”

Ask her about her future projects especially since she is rumoured to have lent her voice for KJo’s Student of the Year but the singer refuses to take any names. “I am not sure of anything. I just go and record the song and don’t claim it to be my version till I see my name on the CD. Everything is so computerised these days that there is no assurance that this work may be yours.” 

Does it upset her? “Definitely! Initially I used to get upset because you get so attached to the song that you sing. But you shouldn’t get attached to a song!”

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