Look good ke liye kucch bhi karega

Look good ke liye kucch bhi karega

Look good ke liye kucch bhi karega

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut have become second home for youngsters these days. With exposure increasing in the virtual world, youngsters are no more shying away from sharing lives and selves on public forums. Youngsters want to make a mark and be the talk of town with their latest status and stunning profile pictures.

The profile shot makes that vital first impression. It helps get recognition among friends and family and to fulfill this desire to look the best, young guns are queuing up for different cosmetic treatments available in the market.

From nose or chin correction; from botox to a fuller lip from dermal filler like Juvederm to a face lift, everybody is trying for ‘that perfect look’. Social networking sites have become a very important part of lives and photographs have to be picture perfect. After all, who doesn’t enjoy some more compliments?

Commenting on this trend, Dr. Manoj Khanna, a cosmetic and plastic surgeon at Enha­n­ce Aesthetic and Cosmetic Studio, says, “When youngsters come to me for treatment I make it a point to know their mindset. Most are just above 20 and want to look their best for pictures.”

Cosmetic treatments start (on an average) from Rs 45,000 and go upto Rs 1.5 lakhs. The most popular treatments are getting dimples, Jlo lips, removal of double chins and baby fat, eyebrow and jaw correction and nose jobs.

Non-surgical treatment with dermal filler and botox gives a crisp, clean look without sting and swelling.

Fillers such as Juvederm are hyaluronic acid-based gels and help in giving skin volu­me. It keeps the skin hydrated and makes it look youthful. The treatment only takes a quarter of an hour and gives instant results.

A dermatologist Simal Soin reiterates that, “The most common treatments are the fillers which are not very expensive. But their durability is not for more than 18 months. For college students it is a must to look good in front of their friends and so they come for these treatments.”

However, in the botox treatment, the improvement is visible within 2-5 days.
While beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder, those who consider themselves not so perfect insist on these treatments. “I am excited to get lip augmentation done. I am trying my best to look good and have perfect sharp features which would bowl a guy over. And what better medium than social networking sites, to make your impression,” says Renu Sharma,* a III year student.

Anjani kapoor, a 20-year old student of Maths (Hons.) Hansraj College shares that she has got her eyebrows lifted, “to get that catty and dramatic look. The area around the eyes is the most expressive when it comes to beautiful pictures so I got my brow uplifted through botox. I am very happy with the result as I got
200 likes for that picture.”