A small Ravana for your backyard?

A small Ravana for your backyard?

A small Ravana for your backyard?

Effigies of demon God Ravan, being prepared for the upcoming Dussehra festival in New Delhi on Thursday. AP

Launched for the first time in Lucknow by pyrotechnics store Azad Crackers, the small 10-headed effigies have become quite a hit here.

"Chotu (small) Ravana has become one of the most-sought after items for the Dussehra festival. People are just thronging our shop to get them," Guleshar Azad, owner of Azad Crackers in Haiderganj, said.

"We have introduced the item particularly for those people who avoid rush during the festival or those who are situated far off from the places where Ravana's effigy is burnt," he said.

The smallest effigies are two feet tall and are priced at Rs.500.

"Depending upon the size and the quality of crackers used in the items, we have fixed their prices. As the products are to be burnt at small places, we have not used any high-intensity crackers, taking into account the safety aspect," said Azad. "Crackers in various colours have been widely used to prepare the small effigies."

On Dussehra day, all you have to do to set the demon king on fire is to light a wick attached to its foot. "As it catches fire, you will witness different coloured light emerging from various portions of the effigy. As the fire reaches the head of the Ravana, the intensity of colours would increase with a bang. You will hear the bang 10 times," said Azad.
Dusshera will be celebrated Sep 28 this year. On the occasion, effigies of Ravana and his kin are traditionally set afire, marking the victory of good over evil.