Man jailed for beating dog to death

A 27-year-old Briton has been jailed for over four months after he hanged his six-month-old puppy by its collar and then beat it to death with a baseball bat because it had urinated on the carpet.

Craig Curtis hung his Staffordshire bull terrier Bruno after the pup urinated. He then battered the dog, and put its lifeless body in his freezer before dumping it later in a nearby woodland in March this year, the Daily Mail reported.

The Cambridge magistrates' court heard that the dog's body was found wrapped in blood-stained sheets.

Curtis pleaded guilty to cruelty charges under the Animal Welfare Act.

Initially believed to have been poisoned, due to the large amount of blood around its nose and mouth, a post-mortem examination revealed the dog suffered fractures to its skull and died after being struck around the head with a blunt instrument.

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