'People of DK will erupt if provoked'

'People of DK will erupt if provoked'

D V Sadananda Gowda felicitated

 As if sending a message to his opponents and political rivals, former chief minister D V Sadananda Gowda said the personality of the people of the coastal area was like the land they belong to — they are calm like the Western Ghats, but erupt like the ocean when provoked.

He was speaking here on Sunday after receiving felicitation from the Dakshina Kannada Jilla Sangha. Stating that the speciality of the coastal region was that there was the mighty mountains and also the seas, he said the people had automatically inherited the character of the land. Gowda said the people from the region are different as they worship snakes (Naga) and demons (Bhootha) while other people are afraid of them.

Listing the positive characters of the people from the region, Gowda said they mingle with other people well and help in the development of the places they make their home. “You can find people from the region all over the world. The region has good number of quality education institutions, there are seven medical colleges, it is the headquarters for the highest number of banks,” he said.

Regretting over the bifurcation of Udupi from Dakshina Kannada, he said even though the people were divided by the revenue department, they were united culturally and spiritually. Pointing out the spread of hospitality industry across the globe by the people from the region, he said one should have food in their restaurants to understand why they have been successful.

Students from Alva’s Education Foundation presented cultural events.