A day to remember

The CMR Institute of Management Studies organised its alumni meet, on its college premises recently. And since it was slotted on Friendship Day, a lot of people turned up for a reunion with their old friends. The venue was the open air amphitheatre and it was a perfect setting for people to socialise.

The alumni spent time interacting with the present students and the two groups recollected a lot of moments on campus.

The programme began with an invocation. In the opening note to the audience, Susheela Rajan, a faculty member, said, “In the last few years, we have been augmenting our capacity and resources to create an institution that focuses on the wholesome development of students in such a way that they are prepared to face the pressures of a competitive atmosphere.”

She also called on the alumni to uphold the values imparted by the institution. Speaking on behalf of the alumni, the president Rudrasish Sen pledged his loyalty to the institution and vowed that he and his counterparts will continue to do their bit for the institution and for the welfare of society.

Some of the alumni shared their experiences on campus. Ujjwal Sen, of 2002 batch, remarked that wherever he maybe, he would never miss an excuse to return to his campus. Saurav, from 2004 batch, an entrepreneur now, expressed that it is always a pleasure to recollect his time in college and that his college not only gave him a strong grounding in academics but sharpened his life skills as well.

Principal Suja Bennet expressed her gratitude to all the alumni and their family members, for taking their time off to be a part of the meet. She also thanked all the international alumni who joined through video conferencing.

The cultural extravaganza was the most exciting part of the programme. To begin with the ‘Navarasas’ or the nine human emotions, that was the theme for the day, was wonderfully portrayed through the facets of fine arts.

The Navarasas were depicted well through music, dance and drama. There was ‘karun rasa’ that was embodied in a dance portraying Yashoda Maiyya’s unconditional love for her son Lord Krishna.

The essence of Raudra rasa was captured in a fiery dance that portrayed women fighting against the society that oppresses them from the moment they are born. There was also a skit that was presented on drug abuse.

The alumni were felicitated for their achievements in their respective profession and for their involvement with institution.

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