In search of libraries

There is always something about libraries, be it the smell of paper or the sight of endless rows of books. Whether you like it or not, you are definitely surrounded by knowledge the moment you step into a library.

Although many students love to read, they seldom use the library on campus. Since most libraries in the campuses have books relating to the syllabus, students prefer libraries outside college. Therefore, college libraries are losing their charm.

“We have many youngsters borrowing books from our library. College-goers choose to visit private libraries to read something light when they are not studying. Most of the time, college libraries offer only books related to academics,” explains Gopal Rao from Eloor Library.

“Fiction, especially science-fiction, and fantasy are some of the favourite genres of the young. However, many have started to check out Indian authors lately,” he adds. A few youngsters explained to Metrolife why they prefer libraries outside than the ones in campus.

“I go to the college library only if I need additional information for my assignments. It is very boring to read books that are related to my subjects. I usually borrow or purchase books that interest me,” says Ashwini K J from Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, who enjoys reading autobiographies and love stories.

Judith, a student of Mount Carmel College, says she loves reading fiction and the Sherlock Holmes’ series. “When I have time to read, I borrow books from private libraries. I prefer reading something outside my syllabus,” she adds.

Prerana, another college student, says she often borrows books from a private library as there is hardly anything in the library in college.

“I used to borrow ‘Nancy Drew’ series, ‘Sweet Valley High’ and R L Stine books from the school library.

But in college, they hardly have anything interesting to read, it’s mostly all related to our course. School libraries have a better collection when compared to college libraries,” says Neha P, a student who enjoys reading.

“I mostly read romantic comedies and thrillers. Libraries outside transport you into another world but when in the college library, it feels like one is seated in the classroom,” says Roopa R, a student of Atria Institute of Technology.

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