'Segregate waste at source'

A group of non-government organisations on Thursday blamed the Palike’s failure to segregate waste at source as the reason for garbage menace in the City.

Members of Environment Support Group (ESG), the Citizens' Action Forum (CAF), Solid Waste Management Round Table and SAAHAS, Dalit Sangharsha Samithi and Hasiru Dala at a press meet said Palike’s systemic failure in handling the City’s waste has caused the present crisis.

“Much of waste from the City is rich in organic matter and can easily be converted into compost at source and used as manure for plants. Moreover, there are several organisations in the City who can provide innovative solutions to effectively handle waste,” they said.

Speaking to Deccan Herald Dr Meenakshi Bharath, CAF, said the BBMP was not keen on segregating waste at source, which could solve piling of garbage to a large extent.
“If the Palike fails to take up segregation at source, a Surat-like situation can recur in the City leading to outbreak of epidemics,” she said.

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