Sai Baba on attraction

Our thoughts are powerful.  They can make us or they can break us.  How we react to problems not only influences their outcome, but also defines our character.  Yet I often forget about the power of my thinking. At the end of the day when I take an inventory of what is good about events, I can see that my frame of mind influenced much of what was successful. On the other hand, when I react to others with judgment and condemnation thinking they were impeding my efforts, I end up feeling defeated by them.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba always emphasized the control of one’s thoughts as a remedy for the sufferings of life.  He explained, “Like-minded people attract like-minded friends; a drunkard befriends a drunkard; a thief befriends a thief; a musician befriends a musician; a doctor befriends a doctor; and a lawyer befriends a lawyer.  The noble minded people befriend only the noble minded ones.”

Then the Beloved lord of Puttaparthi stated something that really surprised me. He said, “Even our noble thoughts undergo an evil change in the company of evil people.” For those who think they can enter the company of the wicked and influence them towards the good, be warned that you might be the one that gets pulled down.

Swami Sai said, “Even the creation can be changed by thoughts…. The thoughts are full of might and danger.  Thoughts are not only capsules of danger, but they are capsules of immortality and nectarine sweetness as well.”  

Therefore, what we think is critically important. If you believe negative thoughts, then don’t be surprised when you attract negative results.

When asked how we should react to the attractions of the mind, Bhagawan Baba replied, “Let go. Don’t cling.  Be still. Establish yourselves in the homelessness of the mind; physical homelessness will not earn the victory.  There are many Sadhus (spiritual seekers) still caught in the coils of greed, envy, pride and power-seeking.  They have not escaped from their homes. They have built prisons round themselves.  I prescribe homelessness of the mind, mind abiding nowhere.”

Attracting the good, the beneficial, and the noble into our lives is possible once we recognize the magnetism of our thoughts. Perhaps you could keep a journal for some time to record how your thoughts lead you towards certain goals and deflect you from others. Your own experiments and experiences will instruct you.

Meanwhile, the Lord who taught us how to love all and to serve all has explained, “On the occasion of Ramanavami (Rama’s Birthday), people hail the advent of Rama and recall His various achievements.  But everyone should remember that he is an image of Rama. One who attracts others is Rama.

Attract what best serves your spiritual progress by positive thoughts.

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