A reflection of today's world

A reflection of today's world

A reflection of today's world

Suchitra Film Society recently screened the Swedish film ‘Bloody Boys’ (Jävla Pojkar) as a Swedish collaboration to a group of 80-85 avid film lovers.

The film had been a part of the ‘Fourth Bangalore International Film Festival’ and had gathered rave reviews from the audience. When its members started requesting to make it accessible to them, Suchitra ensured this was done.

Produced by Niklas Lundin and directed by Shaker K Tahrer, ‘Bloody Boys’ follows three families through three parallel stories for three boys — Simon, Bjorn and Kristoffer. All of them graduate from school and go through traumatising situations in their own lives. The story deals with how simple life becomes complicated and vice-versa.

Placing the film in today’s context, it reflects the present situation of families where divorces are common and shows how children get affected by this. The story is  about what the couple goes through. However, this movie focusses on the issues faced by the children, who are the real victims, because of separation and shows how they deal with it.

“The movie does have a very big impact on today’s generation. The generation of today is very much different from our days. Today, divorce is very common and no one seems to be worried about how the society will react to their decision of separation and how the children will be impacted by it.

  They seem to feel that if the children are given enough funds to take care of education and living, everything is fine,” says Ramachandra, a Suchitra member, after the screening was over. Rekha, another member said, “It was a very important movie, given today’s system of nuclear families. Each wants to find his own space and happiness. They don’t understand what happens to a person when the system is broken.”

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