Cartoon time for the kids!

Cartoon time for the kids!

Cartoon time for the kids!

Cartoons always fascinate kids and most of them end up idolising their favourite cartoon characters.The tiny tots of Baldwin Boys High School took a break from their routine and came face-to-face with cartoon character Ben 10 and others, who paid a visit to their school in the City, recently. 

The cartoon characters, as well as the children, attended the house warming party of ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’ (a popular cartoon show). The party will be held
in various schools across the City so as to give the children a chance to interact with the cartoon character.

 Ben 10 paid a surprise visit to the school and had the children waving and shaking hands with him. The students could not contain their excitement when they saw Ben 10 on the stage.

Many of them ran up to the stage to greet him and tell him how much they loved
him. The fourth standard students of the school got a chance to shake a leg with Ben 10 after a long wait and seemed to know everything about ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’.

“We are very excited to meet Ben 10. This is my favourite show and I watch it every evening. We never expected Ben 10 and Oggy at the school today. It is such a great surprise for us,” says Sayyed Nurbasha, a class four student.

An interactive session was held for the students, where they were quizzed about Oggy and  Ben 10.  Poojit, a student of class four, was handed over a hamper for getting a correct answer.

“I watch a lot of cartoons and it’s my favourite pass time. The shows I watch include ‘Power Puff Girls’, ‘Ben 10’ and ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’. I am pleasantly surprised that Ben 10 has chosen our school and I am looking forward to chatting with him today,” he says.

The team will travel across eight cities and go to 550 schools across the country to interact with more than 50,000 students.

These visits are part of a school contact programme, which has been named ‘Oggy Di New House Party’.

The children will be included in a host of activities like quizzes and interactive

As Ben 10 entered the stage and danced, the children who were instructed to sit in their places, couldn’t contain their excitement and broke into a quick jig with the cartoon character.

“I love ‘Ben 10’ and don’t miss watching it every single day. We were supposed to have classes but Ben 10 is here and we are having such a great time. We are excited about the gifts and the activities that we are going to participate in. I know everything about Ben 10 and hope to bag some prizes,” beams Gothvaj, another student.
It was a welcome break for the children and the happiness and excitement was pretty visible on their faces.