Search intensified in Subramanya forests

Search intensified in Subramanya forests

The Anti-naxal Force (ANF) has intensified combing operations in the forest areas of Palligadde near Kulkunda, especially near houses which the ultras visited recently.

KEEPING POSTED: Alok Kumar, IGP of the Anti-naxal Force, interacts with a resident of Subramanya. DH Photos

Around five naxals were seen in the vicinity around 6 pm on Sunday.

There were skirmishes between the extremists and the ANF and the ultras threw a couple of grenades on the forces and escaped into the forest, said IGP of the ANF Alok Kumar.

The ANF also threw a few grenades at the naxals.

Kumar told reporters here on Monday that five teams of 15 members each had been formed for the search operations. He said the ANF had seen three naxals during Monday’s operations.

He said more than 60 rounds of fire were exchanged between the two sides. He said there were no reports of injuries during the skirmishes so far.

The IGP said the combing operations were led by deputy commander S P Vasudev Murthy and that the ANF had used AK-47s and SLRs during the operations.

Kumar said the ultras usually stayed in tents inside the forest for their activities, with each tent housing around eight people.

Kumar said it was important for the people to inform the ANF if they come across naxal activities, so that they could act without causing inconvenience to the residents.

When asked why the local police were not kept informed, he said while it was for the ANF to conduct the operations, collecting information about the ultras and passing it on to the ANF was the job of the police.

Kumar said ANF would conduct constant combing operations in Kulkunda, with one team being stationed permanently in the area.

Members of the intelligence departments of the State and Central governments and officials of the forest and revenue departments visited Palligadde on Monday to conduct inspections.

When people’s representatives visited the place, locals asked them why they did not bother to come earlier, when naxals visited houses in the area. They were taken to over malfunctioning streetlights and bad roads.